How Do I Do It?

I've always had a passion for drawing but I do owe it to many art instructors from grade school and college that have helped me grow into an even better artist over the years. But my biggest inspiration behind my art background would be my grandma, Barb Garrels, who is an amazing oil painter! Ever since I could remember, she would always be watching Bob Ross painting his "happy little trees" and I would also attend classes she taught at The Art Center of Burlington, IA. I also remember going to see her work at the Snake Alley Art Fair which I will be showing my own work in for the first time this year! I'm working hard on ideas for my booth and art pieces to show and sell at the fair. The show is on Father's Day which is June 18th. I'll keep sharing my experiences and pieces of art for the fair so please follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

If you're interested, please take the time to read this to learn more about how I create my artwork or if you've considered being an artist yourself. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I've tested many different products over the years when drawing and have found my favorites which I'd love to share with you. First off I need to say, there really isn't such thing as "messing up" when drawing. For example, ten different artists could draw the same picture and of course none of them would look exactly alike. And some people will like one artist's style over another. You really can't go wrong- it's all about taking your time though and not rushing. Most of my drawings take anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours on average and I typically don't finish them in one sitting. Other important tips: focus on one section at a time and step back from the picture to examine what you've done so far every now and then- I guarantee you'll always notice something every time you step back. Or you'll even be like me and keep obsessing over it until you have to tell yourself to quit- it looks good!

My favorite paper to use would be the Strathmore Drawing Paper Medium Surface 400 Series. It's acid free- which is what you want (acid makes paper yellow over time) and it's very important to me that my paying customer's pieces will last forever. This is also great for graphi